Ludmyla Romanyshyna

Ludmyla Romanyshyna
Khmelnytskyi Humanitarian & Pedagogical Academy, Ukraine

Doctor of Science (Pedagogy), Profesor

Scientific interests: humanitarian training of students in university, a culture of student health protection based on interdisciplinary integration.




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Romanyshyna L., Romanyshyna O. Professional identity is the basis for the formation of the professional mastery of the future teacher. Educational Studios: Theory and Practice: monograph / Eds. I. Trubavina, S. Zolotukhina. Prague-Vienna: Premier Publishing, pp. 62-71.

Gorbatyuk, R., & Romanyshyna, L. (2016). Experimental model of distance education future experts in higher educational institutions. The Scientific Issues Of Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University. Series: Pedagogy2, pp. 68-75. Retrieved from

Romanyshyna L. (2017). The usage of praxeological approach in students’ professional training for conflict solution. Scientific Bulletin of the Mykolayiv National University named after VO Sukhomlinsky. Series: Pedagogical Sciences. Vol. 4, pp. 447-451.